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What is comprehensive eye care?

Five young smiling: Eyecare for the whole family

I am going to let you in on a little secret when it comes to eye care, not every optometrist has the same approach to optometry. And, while that may sound inconsequential to you, you should be aware what the difference between a vision screening or an eyeglass prescription focused eye exam and a comprehensive eye exam are.

What is a vision screening or basic eye exam?

Some eye exams such as a school vision screening or an online eye exam, are focused on getting a fast prescription for you to then go ahead and buy a pair of glasses. The optometrist’s goal at a budget optical is to move patients quickly through the process so that they can sell more cheap glasses.

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is a much longer process than just checking your latest prescription. The optometrist will talk with the patient about their vision, symptoms, and even their behavior when it comes to screen time, reading, healthy eating and sunglasses. A patient will be assessed using cutting edge technology for eye diseases like glaucoma and diabetes, and children will be assessed for vision issues that can hold them back in school. The optometrist will speak to the patient about advanced procedures that may be relevant to them such as LASIK eye surgery, Dry Eye treatment, computer vision, eye allergies, myopia control, and vision therapy. Because of the advanced equipment and experience with a wide array of conditions, our optometrists are also the ideal stop for any kind of eye emergency including; scratched eye, something stuck in the eye, a bump/pimple in the eye, pink eye or eye infections and other types of emergencies.

Because of the comprehensive nature of the eye exam, the patient will receive update advice and treatment options for their full eye health, not just what glasses they should get. In this day and age where medical knowledge has exploded and technology has impacted every medical procedure, choose eye health, choose a comprehensive eye exam