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New Technology At Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care: Topcon iCare and Auto-Refractor

Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care is proud to announce the arrival of two revolutionary eye care devices from one of the premier eye care companies in the world, Topcon. These two devices, the Topcon iCare hand-held tonometer and the Topcon auto-refractor, are at the leading edge of 21st century eye care, and help to make Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care the best eye clinic in Port Elgin, Ontario and the surrounding area.

The Topcon iCare tonometer helps to recognize the signs of glaucoma earlier and monitor its progression more accurately than ever before. It measures eye fluid pressure by using a few quick puffs of air to momentarily flatten the cornea. After the cornea is flattened, fluid pressure inside your eye causes your eye to resume its original shape, and your inner eye pressure is measured by detecting the force with which it resumed its shape. This allows your doctor to get a measure of the fluid pressure in your eye in the quickest and most accurate way and provides a convenient and painless process for detecting higher than normal eye fluid pressure, which is a sign of glaucoma.

“Being able to detect and treat glaucoma more effectively is a big leap toward providing our patients with the knowledge we and they need to help them enjoy a full life of crystal clear vision,” comments Dr. Larry Carr.

The Topcon Auto-refractor helps your doctor automatically hone in on the exact prescription you need for your best vision. “If your doctor discovers that you may need vision correction during your eye examination, he/she has to be able to measure your eye's 'refractive error.' Refraction is the angle at which light is bent when it enters your eye, so that it can be focused at the back of the eye. If there is a 'refractive error,' it means that your eyes do not refract the light in a proper way to correctly focus light at the back of the eye. The Topcon Auto-refractor helps translate this measurement of refractive error into a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses faster and more accurately than ever before.

The Topcon Auto-refractor also features multiple additional tests that can be utilized to assess a patient’s visual acuity under glare conditions. This is especially important for a patient who may be a candidate for cataract surgery or who complains of poor nighttime vision. Having multiple tests helps your eye doctor home in more accurately on the prescription which is right for you, as well as increasing the possibility of early discovery of eye problems, such as cataracts, that affect your eyes' refraction in unique ways.

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