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Vision Therapy

What is Binocular Vision?
Binocular vision (or eye coordination) is the ability of both eyes to work together as a team. Good eye coordination keeps the eyes in proper alignment. A minor misalignment of your eyes can cause symptoms such as double vision, dizziness, fatigue and headaches. Read more.

Did you know your child can have “20/20” eyesight and still have vision problems that can affect their learning and classroom performance?

What is Vision Therapy?
Vision Therapy is a Doctor of Optometry supervised program designed to improve the function of the vision system; it’s often referred to as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. This allows patients the opportunity for new visual experiences though the use of lenses, prisms, filters,and 3-D activities, among other things. Vision Therapy is individualized to the unique needs of the patient. Read more.

Who Needs Vision Therapy?
Anyone interested in improving their vision can benefit from Vision Therapy. Read more.

Vision Therapy Graduates

Vision Therapy can be a 20-40 week program, so we like to celebrate all of those students that graduate and highlight all of their hard work both in the office, as well as at home!

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Rachel L.
{Oct 2015}
Lydia D.
{Feb 2016}
IMG_7430 (4) IMG_7376 (3)
Sasha P.
{Aug 2016}
Wyatt P.
{Aug 2016}
20170124_114205 20170124_114127
Joshua M.
{January 2017}
VT_Josh McDougall_Jan 2017_no pictures