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We take pride in building lasting relationships with our patients, which is why we take the time to get to know you, your vision requirements and your lifestyle needs.


Why Choose Us?

  • FAMILY ORIENTEDDr. Larry Carr has been part of the Saugeen Shores medical community for over 35 years and his son and daughter, Dr. Greg Carr and Dr. Kristen Robinson, joined his practice 5 years ago. Our accessible family practice is now named Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care and we treat your family the way we treat our own.
  • THOROUGH EYE CARE – Our focus is your eye health and your eye care needs. Our Doctors of Optometry provide comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages, as well as the treatment for a range of conditions including, but not limited to: infections, allergies, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, cataracts, vision therapy and macular degeneration.
  • SGCoveH_CMYKSTYLISH SELECTION – Our frame gallery has the largest selection of frames and sunglasses in the area!
  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY – Our Doctors of Optometry use cutting-edge digital imaging technology to assess your eyes. Many eye diseases, if detected at an early stage, can be treated successfully without total loss of vision.
  • QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS – Our team of Doctors of Optometry, Opticians and Optometric Assistants are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you with all of your questions and concerns, as well as assist you from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave. Eye Doctor Port Elgin Ontario.

Great Eyewear and Eye Care in One Location

The optometrists at Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care believe in looking at the big picture when it comes to your eye health. We take the time to get to know you, your eye care history and your vision needs. Our doctors know that getting the right prescription involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency and your ability to process visual information seamlessly.

eCommerce_Web_Button_Colour_2015Getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. However, even if your vision is sharp, it is important to have regular eye exams with an optometrist. Whether you need a routine eye examination, an eyeglasses fitting, treatment for an eye disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy) or even eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery, our optometrists will provide you with expert care, advice, options and follow up.

Schedule an appointment with our eye doctors in Saugeen Shores to see how we can help you get the best prescription for your eyes. We are a short drive away from Tara, Southampton and Sauble Beach, ON

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Focus on Eyeglasses

We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

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Focus on Contact Lenses

Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, or conventional (vial) lenses, check out our selection of lenses that fit your needs.

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Focus on Sunglasses

Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities.

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Focus on: LASIK – Schedule a Free Evaluation

eyes female blueLASIK is the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure. Why is it so popular? LASIK is typically pain free and good vision usually is achieved by the very next day. The doctors at Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care have extensive experience in the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care of LASIK and other vision correction procedures. We are proud to provide Co-Management of LASIK with TLC Laser Eye Centers. Learn More.

Q&A with Dr. Kristen Robinson

Dr. Kristen Robinson Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I have an infant, a toddler, and a teenager; should my kids be wearing sunglasses?

Yes, absolutely! I know many people laugh at the thought of putting their 6 month old infant in sunglasses, however this is a very crucial time in their development and appropriate measures need to be taken to protect their eyes early in their lives. UV protection is the most crucial before a child reaches 18-20 years old. The lens of the eye is a natural absorber of blue light and UV rays, only after around the age of 20. Up until this age, the lens allows UV or blue light into the eye. This is why it is so important for young children to wear sunglasses because we get 80% of our harmful UV exposure before the age of 18-20. (However, this doesn’t mean that adults are off the hook! They still need to protect their eyes with proper sunglasses as well). These absorption properties are in place to protect the retina from UV radiation throughout the majority of our adult lives. In the process of absorbing these rays the lens is at a much higher risk of developing cataracts.

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